Friday, November 4, 2011

The Furies Collection evolved out of a want and need to celebrate tragic starlets from the golden age of cinema. Lindsay Lohan ain't got nothing on Clara Bow, trust me.

"Furies" in greek/roman mythology were "beings"/creatures that emerged from the blood of someone dead, deities sent to avenge crimes; predominantly for female victims. My research on the starlets can be seen here. But these works are a celebration of the hollywood actresses in a bid to let them not be forgotten. A lot of these women's films have been left to rot and in consequence are now destroyed, I feel that pop culture mythology and greek/roman mythology should not be forgotten, but the legends should continue to be acknowledged and enjoyed. The vintage rosettes have been up-cycled as an objet d'arte but also using the spirit of the rosette, to mark your commitment/adoration.

In my fury I have created these Furies. X

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